"Intense, swift strokes of strong dark colors and textures with quick motion and layering of paint are the core of my work. Inspired by the feelings of motion and emotion, my hand paints what I feel and incorporates the imbalance in shapes and color I see in life and people. My oils on canvas and acrylic on board paintings, influenced by Max Beckmanís bold black outlines and Edvard Munchís intense emotions, translate the true depth of my feelings about contemporary issues.

The viewer may recognize in themselves the emotions that the people on the canvas are experiencing, whether it be anger, stress, helplessness, or even joy. The faces of these people show the emotions brought on by events the viewer can not see, but can imagine, depending on their own life experiences.

The strong, bold dark colors with small specks of light colors throughout my paintings, lets you know that there is always a reason for hope, in our everyday lives.

People always ask me where my inspiration is from, I think it is because when they know me I am happy and bubbly, one expects my work to reflect that. I take my experiences from life and put them on canvas. I pick up a brush and paint from my imagination. If you look at my works you always see two things. One is the people in my painting are always looking out at you.....And you never know what they are thinking......you know they look angry, sad, or even relieved that everything will be fine. You as the observer have a chance to decide what is really happening in these paintings."  ~Ellen

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